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The Graviators: Motherload | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Graviators: Motherload



Napalm Records/Sound Pollution

Karlshamn´s finest THE GRAVIATORS sure has amused me since 2009. Their self-titled debut in 2009 was a highlight of the year, probably got them the tour with ST VITUS, and lo and behold they returned in 2012 with “Evil Deeds”, an even better album. The title track still haunts me... Now it´s time for “Motherload”, one more dose of 70-ies/doom/stoner.

Where do they get the song titles? Opener “Leif´s Last Breath – Dance of the Valkyrie” has most of it; some IRON MAIDEN (mostly the solo), a lot of BLACK SABBATH, grooves and Viking lyrics! More coke is added in “Narrow Minded Bastards”. The soft solo is like revisiting “Sabotage” all over again. The Hammond organ of “Bed of Bitches” (see what I mean about the song titles?) rules, as does the refrain...again. But as I thought they had peaked...along comes “Tigress of Sibiria”. An intro about the Wurlak, the quick pace, almost metal, and yet emotional and bluesy... and a killer refrain! The pleasures continue, maybe I could do without the voice effects of “Eagles Rising”, but as the ending closes in..there´s “Druid´s Ritual”! Not a boring moment during 14 minutes of doom. The smokey guitar part opening up the proceedings, the spaced out solo, the intenseness of the ending, etc., the song is limitless. Maybe this lot were the first and secret alumni of Professor Iommi at Coventry? Nevertheless, they´ve done it again, this one is for the best of, and a tough bastard for any kind of competition!

Track List
Leif´s Last Breath - Dance of the Valkyrie
Narrow Minded Bastards
Bed of Bitches
Tigress of Siberia
Lost Lord
Drowned in Leaves
Eagles Rising
Druid´s Ritual

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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