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Winger: Better Days Comin´ | FESTIVALPHOTO

Winger: Better Days Comin´




KIP WINGER is the ubiquitous chip. I have counted him out a couple of times but he always resurfaces with a solo album, a movie score...or a new WINGER album. This is the follow up to “Karma” of 2009, which was very good but not entirely consistent. At least not in comparison with this album. The line up is the same as always; Kip on bass and vocals, guitarists Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich, and drummer Rob Morgenstein.

The sheer musicianship of this album is apparent from the first chord on. “Midnight Driver of a Love Machine” might sound as something a less talented sleaze band would have come up with in 1986, but it is actually a sophisticated piece. They even get away with a clichéd “whoo-whooo”, much thanks to the cool stylish refrain. But the fine effort is still outdone by “Queen Babylon”. There´s more bite in the vocals, more grit in the riff, yet still mighty comfortable greatness in terms of conceiving music. This album really has the rocking numbers; “Rat Race”, the abovementioned “Queen of Babylon”, the RUSH touches of “Tin Soldier” and Out of This World”, the soft sophisticated AOR moments like “Better Days Comin´” and the brooding emotional Kip signature songs like “”Be Who You Are, Now” and “Ever Wonder”. Something for all might be a good banner. It is also proof of the versatility of the band. More of this please, it might even make Top of 2014!

Track List
Midnight Driver of a Love Machine
Queen Babylon
Rat Race
Better Days Comin´
Tin Soldier
Ever Wonder
So Long China
Storm in Me
Be Who You Are, Now
Out of this World

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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