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Robin George: History | FESTIVALPHOTO

Robin George: History



Angel Air/Border

Wolverhampton guitarist Robin George started out back in the late seventies with the band LIFE, releasing one single. For a young lad it must have been remarkable to record with the likes of Dave Holland (ex. JUDAS PRIEST), Pino Palladino (THE WHO), and Mo Birch (UB40). Later on he would also work with David Byron (URIAH HEEP) and Phil Lynott of THIN LIZZY fame. But back to this album. The band seemed to be headed for stardom but then Dave got an offer from JUDAS PRIEST. The rest is history, as well as this band as their record company dropped them. It´s been a few years but it´s here at last.

Robin had the looks and the poses of a guitar hero big 80´s style, but the music here is way more laidback and seemingly older than the cover style hints at.

Most of the tracks here, e.g. the title track, “Too Late”, “This Time” is pop/rock with nice arrangements and an authentic 80´s sound. Even more are rather soulful slow rock songs firmly rooted in a time before this album was rooted (1979-81). There´s even reggae rhythms featured in “Too Late”. Of cause there are a good many truly eighties grooves as in the ubiquitous “Heartline, here in its most poppy guise, the single “Go Down Fighting” and “Showdown”. The latter featuring the ate great Phil Lynott. Sometimes there are the plainly outdated songs, like “Get On Your Knees” and “Castles in the Sky”. And the finest hour? No doubt in my mind..."Charlotte Starlight" is a great instrumental in which Robin handles classical music with ease.

As a whole “History” is a lesson and a historical document. It might have its tedious moments but the development of an obviously talented musician, his equally talented surroundings and the makings of the future rock artist, bluesman and master arranger are all there, even at such an early point. I think this one is for us oldies, but most aspiring musicians or rock fans have a lesson coming here.

Track List
Too Late
Go Down Fighting
She Really Blew My Mind
Run in the Dark
Get On Your Knees
Castles in the Sky
This Time
Tonight Was Meant to Be
All My Life
Charlotte Starlight

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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