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Exorcism: I Am God | FESTIVALPHOTO

Exorcism: I Am God



GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music

Multinational heavy doomsters EXORCISM feature in their ranks both Csaba Zvekan of RAVEN LORD and guitar god Joe Stump of RAVEN LORD, HOLY HELL, REIGN OF TERROR, solo etc. A nice beginning, and in addition to that we also have drummer Garry King, who has played with both JOE LYNN TURNER and JEFF BECK, plus RAVEN LORD bassist Lucio Manca. This time they opt for back to the future as their masters of reality are obviously DIO and BLACK SABBATH´s Tony Martin Years.

It takes about 15 seconds of opener “End of Days” for me to envision DIO and BLACK SABBATH. The riff is as can be expected excellent but the refrain is on the vaguer side. “Letters from Earth” may have been playing in their rehearsing room as they finished the title track. Once more the overall sound is vastly superior to the refrain. The next improvement comes with “Last Rock´n´Roll”. The Zakk Wylde riff is perhaps lighter than its three predecessors, but the refrain is a definite improvement. The DIO grooves of “Master of Evil” needs no further development, and their eponymous track once more fusion 90´s SABBATH with late eighties DIO. My favourites are “Last Rock´n´Roll” plus “Stay in Hell”, the latter boosting a fine keyboard intro and a groovy refrain. “Zero G” ends the proceedings with a “Children-riff” and a pace that the genre has mostly seen hailing from Sweden prior to this.
As a whole this band is very likeable, especially if you are more partial to riffs than refrains. Csaba has a great voice, they seem tight albeit I doubt if they ever visited a studio simultaneously. Oh and Lucio has a penchant for Geezer-like bass lines, and no small feat!

Track List
End of Days
I Am God
Voodoo Jesus
Last Rock´n´Roll
Master of Evil
Stay in Hell
Fade the Day
Zero G

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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