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Miracle Master: Tattooed Woman | FESTIVALPHOTO

Miracle Master: Tattooed Woman



Golden Core Records/ZYX Music

MIRACLE MASTER is yet another example of one band metamorphosing into another. Guitarists Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt and Axel “Aki” Reissmann, bassist Michael Vetter and drummer Andreas Minich all share a mutual background from the band PUMP. When breaking up PUMP they apparently also hooked up with Oliver Weers (solo, RIPE, D.I.M.). Now they have signed with Rock´n´Growl Management and the aim seems to be conquering by nard rock.

Opener “Come Alive” has a few heys and a very ok refrain, and is one of the tracks that could hold the opening spot. The feeling of 90´s BADLANDS persists as “Fly Away” is paler but “Stay with Me” has a great refrain and a cosy riff. There are lots of choruses but also something nineties that seems to hold the band back. The title track is better arranged and has a nice riff tan most of the album, but tack of the lot goes to “Tattoed Woman” which is faster and more straightforward, maybe it should have opened up? 90´s meets classic hard rock in “Will to Survive” but without convincing. The end in fine style with “We All Touch Evil” but the really big adjectives fail to materialize in my head. Most convincing is after all the COVERDALE-esque “Highway to Heaven”, odd how everything a band does influenced by the man from Redcar seems to work.
Al in all MIRACLE MASTER do good with their debut, but leaving the eighties behind mostly raises the bar for any aspiring hard rock band!

Track List
Come Alive
Fly Away
Stay With Me
Forgive Yourself
Miracle Master
Will to Survive
Why Religion
Tattooed Woman
Highway to Heaven
Tear Down the Walls
We All Touch Evil

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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