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Twilight Force: Tales of Ancient Prophecies | FESTIVALPHOTO

Twilight Force: Tales of Ancient Prophecies



Black Lodge Records/Sound Pollution

Presumed international band TWILIGHT FORCE sports former The Voice (Sweden) contestant Christian Hedgren, and a host of internationals; Felipe, guitars and lute, Daniele keyboards, piano, cembalo, violin, Borne, bass, and Roberto, drums. More important sales-wise are most certainly the guests spots of vocalists Joakim Brodén, SABATON, and Kenny Leckremo, ex.H.E.A.T. The info sheet talks of furious intensity, wonderous tales, sensations and joining the knights of twilight´s might... Let´s hope so...

“Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom” opens with Brodén on vocals, a heavier track without trace of the bullocks of the info sheet. Then Brodén has another shot at yodelling in “The Power of the Ancient Force”, which is fast and so high-pitched I even wonder if it is the vocalist of SABATON. But it is no better than “Twilight Horizon” with Hedgren on vocals, catchy, fast and with those high notes in the refrain! But “The Summoning” is the kind of mockery that power metal needs to surgically remove. Leckremo does good in “Fall of the Eternal” and the ending of “Gates of Glory” is a catchy and powerfully sung stereotype. Otherwise I beg to be relieved of the likes of “In the Mighty Hall of the Fire king” etc. I think this is overblown, but has its moments. Alas...

Track List
Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom
The Power of the Ancient Force
Twilight Horizon
The Summoning
Wispering Winds
Fall of the Eternal Winter
Forest of Destiny
In the Mighty Hall of the Fire King
Made of Steel
Sword of Magic Steel
Gates of Glory

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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