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Uriah Heep: Outsider | FESTIVALPHOTO

Uriah Heep: Outsider




This is in all simplicity the 24th studio album of URIAH HEEP! Most bands can only dream of such a career. After their 1970 debut “Very ´heavy, Very ´umble” the band´s sales have amounted to more than 30 million albums and they still tour constantly to this day. It has not always been easy as they have lost vocalist David Byron (albeit departed prior to succumbing) to rock´n´roll lifestyle and last year long standing bass player Trevor Bolder to cancer, to mention but a few low moments.

But here we have a blistering new album that serves their heritage well. From “Speed of Sound” to “Say Goodbye” there is only the minor glimpse of the slightly less engaging “Kiss the Rainbow”, that has a fair share of DIRE STRAITS in it. The title track is a pacey future classic along with “Can´t Take that Away”. Nearly as great are “Jesse”, “Looking at You” “Rock the Foundation”, “Is Anybody Gonna Help Me” and “Speed of Sound”. We get meaty riffs, an indulgence of Hammond sounding keyboards and solid rhythms from Russell Gilbrook and the man with the hard assignment to replace Trevor Bolder – Davey Rimmer. Bernie Shaw´s voice is perfect to the music and in shape. This is another album that deserves major attention from URIAH HEEP, I just hope you check this out.

Track List
Speed of Sound
One Minute
The Law
The Outsider
Rock the Foundation
Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
Looking at You
Can´t Take That Away
Kiss The Rainbow
Say Goodbye

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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