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Dalton: Pit Stop | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dalton: Pit Stop




DALTON once made headlines in Sweden as a Mats ”Dalton” Dahlberg´s TREAT spin-off. They jumped head-on on the sugary sweet melodic trend of the day resulting in the albums “The Race Is On” (1987) and “Injection” (1989). The band then drifted apart with Mats himself trying his luck in the oddly unsuccessful SPEEDY GONZALES featuring Tommy Denander and Thomas Wikström.

25 odd years later the band gets filmed for tv as they reunite. Things just moved on from there. DALTON 2014 is still Mats Dalton” Dahlberg, drums, Bosse Lindmark, vocals, Leif Westfahl, guitars, Anders Lindmark, bass, and Ola Lindström, Keyboards.

Back in the day I thought they relied way too much on keyboards. Dalton 2014 has found a new balance betwixt guitars and keys that is much pleasing to hear. One song immediately lingers, and I guess “Hey You” is the true hit on offer here. It is also complete with one of those bang-on hedonistic 80´s lyrics! Otherwise the song writing is solid but not quite up to that vey highlight. Being of respectable age they don´t fall in the buttery ballad trap. Instead they have come up with the excellent “Follow Your Dream” which tells a soft story in fine JOHN WAITE style. They still sound themselves so many years on, but with added guitar. With the guitar comes the blues in this case, albeit in a nice a credible maked up way. With their rather soft approach I guess that a song like “Don´t Tell Me Lies” can be applied to the MR MISTER school of music and opener “Ready or Not” has a ring of AC/DC in the refrain.

All in all DALTON is back stronger than before. Now all I hope for is a sign of that documentary on Swedish telly!

Track List
Ready Or Not
Hey You
Don´t Tell Me Lies
Follow Your Dreams
Up & Down
Bad Love
One Voice
Here We Are
Something for the Pain

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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