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Skyscraper: Elevation | FESTIVALPHOTO

Skyscraper: Elevation



Ghost Dancer Music/Cargo

What do you get if you mix Lee Small´s (PHENOMENA, SHY) vocals with Tor Talle´s guitars (JLT, FERGIE FREDERIKSEN, OVERLAND), Dave Boyce´s bass (AIRRACE, THE QUIREBOYS) and pinches of session musicians Bruce Gaitsch, guitars and Imre Daun, drums (SALUTE)? Well in 2014 you get SKYSCRAPER. The aim is master class melodic hard rock. What have they really achieved?

Opener “Sail Away” says major master class as a keyboard background foregoes a nice riff transforming into soft AOR. The pace varies and the refrain lifts the song to full points. The cosy mid-pace AOR “Monday Morning follows but is not quite up to the opener. , neither is the quite dramatic “Fay Wray” although both of them is above average. The problem here is four songs that are definitely not matching my expectations of this seasoned band. “Across teh Barricdes”, the US-inspired “Skyscrapers”, “Through the Eyes of Liberty” and the sensitive but not igniting “The Sky Is Turning Blue” are all below what this lot can do. The pace and fire of “Walk Through Fire” and opener “Sail Away” are by far the best tracks with five runners up, the closest being varied pace of “Playing with Fire”. But four poor tracks out of 12 is not what I expect from these great musicians.

Track list
Sail Away
Monday Morning
Fay Wray
Across the Barricades
Everybody Cries Sometimes
Walk Through Fire
Runaway Hearts
Through the Eyes of Liberty
The Sky Is Turning Blue
Playing with Fire
Sweet Little Sister

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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