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Interview with Alan Tecchio of Autumn Hour | FESTIVALPHOTO

Interview with Alan Tecchio of Autumn Hour


Interview with Alan Tecchio from AUTUMN HOUR, ”Dethroned or Enthroned?”

There are bands with a past and bands with previous engagements. AUTUMN HOUR is the latest incarceration of Alan Tecchio and friends. Already that sentence affects my senses regarding what to expect. Their debut album is released late February and I believe I am not the only one to have high hopes. How will they deal with the past, the pressure and the future? Vocalist extravaganza Alan Tecchio answered my questions with a smile; Hello Alan how about…

How does the album reflect the members’ individual musical development? Can we detect traces of HADES, SEVEN WITCHES etc. in the album or is it a complete breakaway from the members past?

- The only elements that have carried over would be that certain songs are quite heavy and our previous bands were pretty much straight-forward metal bands so their songs were heavy too. Where we break away from that is probably with the mellow moments found on Dethroned. Some songs like “Unbelievable” and “How Were We Supposed to Know” are fairly mellow throughout but other tunes like “Every Day” and “Transcend” have quite somber moments found in between the very heavy sections. This breaks from the norm of a traditional heavy metal band in my opinion. I think we are not afraid to be very emotional in our music. So developmentally, I think we have just become more in touch with our feelings and do not feel any fear in expressing them through our songs. In previous bands (at least for me) I felt somewhat expected to provide a certain type of performance as a singer. I do not feel such restrictions with Autumn Hour.

What is it that makes AUTUMN HOUR stand out against the competition?

- We are better than all other bands! Ha Ha! Seriously though, I think what makes us stand out is what I mentioned in the last answer: The fact that we are not afraid to write songs that are in our hearts. We just pour out our feelings through our music and let it flow naturally. Not that all other bands are contrived but I do think a lot of groups feel a certain pressure to live up to the expectations of their fans or to “out-heavy” every other band. Since we have no fans yet, we don’t feel that pressure! Ha Ha! In all honestly though, it is just that “from-the-heart” approach with which we write our music that makes us stand out from the rest. Also, our label Cyclone Empire has a large roster of death and black metal bands and we sound nothing like that. So from the standpoint of who we are labelmates with we definitely have a unique sound.

What do you want to achieve with AUTUMN HOUR?

- Total world domination. Ha ha! Our hopes are to be able to sell enough music to allow us to continue making more CDs. To play live for the fans is important and to grow with each recording is vital to us as well.

What can we expect from AUTUMN HOUR in the near future?

- Hopefully we can play some European festivals at some point but aside from that we will soon begin working on writing new material for the next CD.
Thanks so much for the interview opportunity!

No problems here! As can be told Alan has released a good any albums over the years. This one may well be one of the more definitive. I believe this album has it all, with the exception of one track. So I say AUTUMN HOUR will be enthroned!Check this one out, it´s an ORDER!!


Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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