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Yes: Like It Is: Yes Live at the Bristol Hippodrome | FESTIVALPHOTO

Yes: Like It Is: Yes Live at the Bristol Hippodrome




YES is the band that never gives up the ghost. Formed in 1968 by bassist Chris Squire and vocalist Jon Anderson, they have mustered some 21 studio albums and twelfth live album. Members have come and gone, but Chris remains. The band today consists of Jon Davison on vocals, Steve Howe, guitars, Geoff Downes, keyboards, and Alan White, drums. Here they are at the Bristol Hippodrome on May 11 2014.

First up I have an issue with the wafer thin vocals of Jon Davison. On here they cover two albums almost entirely; 1977´s “Going for the One” and “The Yes Album” from 1971. I dare say that the fragile sounds of the 1977 title track suits Jon´s voice. The audience is in ecstasy nevertheless. “Turn of the Century” has Steve Howe going fragile with his guitar, and the entire track is a display of sensitive musical abilities. “Parallels” is slightly more rocking, and the music is progressive with a slightly dated ring to it. I am more inclined to the movements of “Awaken”. Light as it may be there is a lot more on display with plucky guitar work, a nice bass line, a keys solo, and various guitar excursions. It may be a mouthful but it feels like a fully developed track.

Onwards, or chronologically backwards, to “The Yes Album”. I get more rock vibes here, more early RUSH in the guitar “Yours Is No Disgrace”, more 70´s rock but with a nice prog touch. And the guitar vs. keyboards duel is great stuff. The undistorted guitar trip of “Clap” I can do without though. “Starship Trooper” is always included, can´t go wrong there. “I´ve Seen All Good People” is intriguing, like two songs played over each other into a unity with diversity. And when they round up with “Perpetual Change” I find it to be one of their finest moments in Bristol. Dramatic in the early stages, loads of solos and instrumental spots, great bass work and more rock than most. In my mind the choice is clear to go with “The Yes Album”. 1977 was not their finest to my tastes. But the audience is every bit as into the first part as the latter f the concert. Hats off to a band still out there after no less than (almost) 48 years as a going concern.

Track List
Going for the One
Turn of the Century
Wonderous Stories

Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper
I´ve Seen All Good People
A Venture
Perpetual Change

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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