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Uriah Heep: Live at Koko | FESTIVALPHOTO

Uriah Heep: Live at Koko



URIAH HEEP almost dates back to the Dickensian character they took the name from. Formed in the late sixties by guitarist Mick Box and then vocalist David Byron (R.I.P), they have been a going concern for soon 50 years! Apart from the ubiquitous Mick we have vocalist Bernie Shaw, keyboard player Phil Lanzon (both recruited about 30 years ago), drummer Russell Gilbrook, who came aboard in 2007, and new boy bass player Davey Rimmer who was deputing for Trevor Bolder and stayed on after Trevor´s unfortunate passing last year. Live they have long been a tight unit so this should be no exception.

The Koko audience is treated to an evening of quite a lot of the URIAH HEEP portfolio. They open with the excellent “Against the Odds” from “Sea of Light”, continue with “Overload” from “Wake the Sleeper” before entering classic times with “Traveller in Time” off “Demons and Wizards”. The trade mark guitar and keyboard riffing and dueling is almost omnipresent no matter which era the songs are from. Of cause the audience sings and screams loud when they do classics like “Stealin´”or “Gypsy”, but I´m happy to hear that new songs like “Can´t Take That Away” and “One Minute” make their way into the set list and stand their ground well. The oddest feeling may well be that “Free n´Easy and “Easy Livin`” are not the highlights they are supposed to be at the end of the show, not o me at least. Butr “Lady in Black” and “Look at Yourself” both fill that spot for me. No matter what you feel this is an enchanted evening with one of the true perennial R0ck´n´Roll machines still in existance. I dare not hope for another decade...or do I?

Track List
Against the Odds
Traveller in Time
I´m Ready
Between Two Worlds
Can´t Take that Away
One Minute
Nail on the Head

Into the World
Look at Yourself
Box Wah Box
July Morning
Lady in Black
Easy Livin'

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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