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Killer: Monsters of Rock | FESTIVALPHOTO

Killer: Monsters of Rock



Belgian power trio KILLER first came to notice in 1980 with “Ready to Kill”. They followed it up with “Wall of Sound” (1981, re-released in 1983) and “Shock Waves (1984). They were really going places back then, and in 1990 came album number four, “Fatal Attraction” which didn´t do them any harm. But along came grunge and KILLE was laid to rest for more than a decade. In 2002 they reformed and joined forces with DORO/WARLOCK, OSTROGOTH and crossfire for an anniversary gig. The resulting album, “Broken Silence” even featured keyboards, a surprise for a band often compared to MOTÖRHEAD. Only lead vocalist and guitarist Shorty has survived all 35 years of the band. The other two, Jakke, lead vocals and bass, and Vanne, drums and backing vocals, have not been along than long at all. But still...KILLER celebrates 35 years with “Monsters of Rock”.

The title track is exactly as I remember KILLER. The refrain is something to shout at a festival, the music basic but energetic and somehow rather safe. They formed during the NWOBHM and have probably lifted the riff for “No Exception” from that day and age. Most of the album is rather enjoyable and firmly retro. They do get it really right in “No Way Out”, the speedy “Deaf, Blind and Dumb”, the bluesy “Making Magic” and the Sabbath-ical album closer “Fake”. But more than they have conceived “Firestorm”, a track that will be on their set list for years to come and where their rather basic formula gets the truly nagging refrain. Fits like a glove! If you get to a festival in Europe you might catch them...and you can definitely be worse off!

Track List
Monsters of Rock
No Exception
Shotgun Symphony
Back to the Roots
No Way Out
Danger Zone
Deaf, Blind and Dumb
Forever Metal
Children of Desperation
Hold Your Head Up High
Making Magic
The Reactor
Rock City

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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