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Reverence: Gods of War | FESTIVALPHOTO

Reverence: Gods of War



Razar Ice Records

The REVERENCE story begins in 2010, as ex. TOKYO BLADE guitarist Bryan Holland and Todd Michael Hall of RIOT V and JACK STARR`S BURNING STARR started working together. The soon added Steve “Dr Killdrums” Wacholz (SAVATAGE, CRIMSON GLORY), guitarist Pete Rossi (OVERLAND) and bassist Michael Massi (OVERLOADED) to the fold and the band was a fact. They debuted with “When Darkness Falls” in 2013 and toured Europe, UK and America the same year. A four song demo secured them a deal with Marquee/Avalon in Japan and here is the result.

The opening title track is quite robust heavy metal, with a familiar ring to it. From the opening hail of bullets to the end there is nothing much to complain about but it has a lot of US tendencies meaning less melody than I would have preferred. The fast “Heart of Gold” follows. The drum rhythm caught my attention, and I would have chosen another sound. Slightly softer and more melodic, but less inspired than the opener. “Until My Dying Breath” is more what I expected, as US heaviness meets European melody. Unfortunately the hit feeling is seldom here. After the opener the songs tend to have hard riffs, a sense of doom, nice guitar work, but less inspired refrains which makes for a hard time to keep my interest up. With a few exceptions the musicians are great, the drumming I have a few questions marks for as “Heart of Gold” and album closer “Race to Obscene” are rather flat in that department. As often with Americans the heaviness is up front while the refrains are far between. If only Bryan´s spell in TOKYO BLADE had been more traceable.

Track List
Gods of War
Heart of Gold
Until My Dying Breath
Angel in Black
Tear Down the Mountain
Blood of Heroes
Battle Cry
Choices Made
Cleansed By Fire
Race to Obscene

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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