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V8 Wankers: Foxtail Testimonial | FESTIVALPHOTO

V8 Wankers: Foxtail Testimonial



Rude Records/Sound Pollution

V8 WANKERS celebrate 10 years with a cover that says it all. It boosts a larger seventies American car and a rather sleazy chick in front of it. This is not a neoclassical piece of virtuosity, this is all about festival friendly drunken groves and lyrics about bad girls, cars and havoc.

The exact order of their favorite past-times is not clear, but V8 WANKER`S universe hovers around booze, cars and chicks. The music is a “hey ho – let´s go mix” MOTÖRHEAD and TANK. As is the case with the aforementioned bands the punk vibes are ubiquitous. 14 tracks are on offer, as well as a DVD featuring six videos and nine live tracks, plus interviews and bonuses. If you turn ten, it is supposed to be noted. The guitar riffs follow an AC/CD-ish pattern. Humor is another of the band´s trade marks, or how about “Never Trust a Man that Doesn´t Drink”? The similarity of the tracks is a tad monotonous, a problem that is simultaneously the foundations of many bands fame and fortune. There are a couple of let downs too; “The Harder You Push, The Better It Feels” and “Black Smoke”. Perhaps it´s vocalist Lutz Vega`s limitations sounding. At the same time they make intoxicated festival music that lingers with highlights such as “Bad Boy´s Paradise” and “Gun Bunny´s Bug”. Then it is the name question, who can use such a moniker and be taken for real – although that is not what V8 WANKERS are about. In the end I think 12 songs would have cut it better, but V8 WANKERS intend to keep the party going, which will provide them gigs for a long time coming.

Track List
Foxtail Testimonial
Bad Boy´s Paradise
Bomb the Bastards
Gun Bunny´s Bug
Help I Need Lovin
Never Trust a Man Who Doesn´t Drink
Black Smoke
The Harder You Push, The Better It Feels
Too Kool for School
Rebel Machine
Match Race Madness
Go Where the Action Is
We´re Only Here for the Beer

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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