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Necronomicon: The Return of the Witch | FESTIVALPHOTO

Necronomicon: The Return of the Witch



Napalm/Sound Pollution

The circle is complete. In 2002 I reviewed “Pharao of Gods”, the debut album of NECRONOMICON. This is the third album for these hard hitting Canadians, so I guess I have missed one outing. Rituals and conjurations embellish their extreme death metal. Come along for the ride, cause this will be a fast one together with gents Rob the Witch, vocals/guitar, D, bass, and Rick, drums.

They head for hell straight away in “Into the Fire”. We get hard, listenable growl, precise guitars and personal but machine-like drums with emphasis on double bass drumming. A temple reminiscent chanting opens “The Awakening” and the atmosphere is there in spite of their sheer brutality. It is no wonder they´ve been out on the road with the likes of BEHEMOTH and MORBID ANGEL, as well as MERCYFUL FATE. It is MORBID ANGEL that the single “The Time Is Now” echoes of. And as is the case with KING DIAMOND`S material “Necropolis” simply waits to become the foundation of a horror movie. The title track is a real hit, but then there is everything you can ask for on the album; piano, fat distortion, old-fashioned growl, well-placed vocal experiments, atmosphere, brutality, even an unexpected instrumental track (“Lilith”) etc. I am not disappointed in any way, this is death metal for those who listened to/like the early nineties. Full blown old school with a bang!

Track list
Into the Fire
The Awakening
The Time Is Now
The Order of the Moon
The Return of the Witch
Alpha and Omega

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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