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Withershin: The Hungering Void EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Withershin: The Hungering Void EP



Canonical Hours/Code 7

WITHERSHIN was unleashed in 2006, and debuted with “Chaos Discipline” in 2007. The trio later recruited Nine on vocals, completing the lineup of Hex, bass, Hizon, guitars, and Zek, drums. They conceived “Ashen Banners” in 2008, and a tour with DIABOLICAL followed. One trip to Necromorbus studios later this EP was conjured.

Swedes WITHERSHIN opens with “Wherein I Exalt” which is good for the genre. There are not hilarious amounts of high-pitched vocals; instead it is quite heavy throughout. Their major black point is the genre-typical guitar sound. “The title track begins with a doom-laden atmospheric part before Hizen´s guitar takes command in uncommon fashion. There is genuinely chaos and evil in the songs, but it is very Swedish and un-Norwegian. The soft intro of “Crossing the Threshold” will fool no one of what is next to come. WITHERSHIN sounds underground from start to finish. Three tracks is a bit too little to create a total picture. But with more of the same caliber I hope they don´t end up yet another band in the cult black metal ditch.

Track List
Wherein I Exalt
The Hungering Void
Crossing the Threshold

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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