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Legendary punk rockers NoRMAhl signs with 7Hard | FESTIVALPHOTO

Legendary punk rockers NoRMAhl signs with 7Hard


7Hard released a DVD and the movie soundtrack "JONG'R“

NoRMAhl, Germany's punk rock legend from Leutenbach signed a distribution and promotion contract with 7HARD/7us media group GmbH. 7Hard released at early November the DVD and soundtrack of the movie "JoNG'R”. The release is accompanied by a big marketing and promotional campaign by trendXL, Rock N Growl Promotion, Derer-Consulting, 7HARD and more.

In addition, the first time available digitally for download in all major portals in December 2010, the complete "NoRMAhl" back catalog. The film of the 30th anniversary of the band NoRMAhl tells the story of punk in a quiet, small Swabian town of the late 70s. It's about life, emotion, boredom, love, violence, fun and excess. For the soundtrack, the most important songs of the cult band and five new songs were added.

"I look forward to a fantastic cooperation," said Hans Derer (Managing Director of 7us) of those who had accompanied the Swabian punk band successfully in the 90s.

Axel Wiesenauer (Head Of 7Hard): "Great to have the German punk rock legend NoRMAhl on board!".

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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