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Enemy of the Sun: Caedium | FESTIVALPHOTO

Enemy of the Sun: Caedium



Massacre/Sound Pollution

ENEMY OF THE SUN follow up on their debut “Shadows”, with an album about how mankind unknowingly destroys itself. Caedium means death by one´s own hand, by accident or suicide. Guitarist/producer Valdemar Sorychta has reached fame via bands like DESPAIR and GRIP. INK, but opted out to do something different, this band. The album is described as undescribable, is that good or bad.

“Lithium” sounds more in the vein of ALEX SKOLNICK than cyber thrash at first. Valdemar plays around a bit before they reveal their heaviness. After the intro Finnish vocalist Jules Näveri presents himself in “Another End of the Rainbow”. He sings pretty rough, and is accompanied by a rather intricate guitar, as can be expected. Their brand of thrash is very technical, even quirky, and progressive. We get some Spanish tones in “I Am One”, Valdemar sure is an amazing guitar player. Flamenco-thrash-fusion will not conquer the world, but is cool. They actually get slightly more commercial in “Chasing the Dragon”, but without losing their onslaught or playfulness. The sound is modern and classic in various degrees. But when they lose their edge and just play on, they get as boring as in “Ticket”, a song that differs from nobody else, and is joined by “Paradigm” and “The Golden Horizon”. At the same time they present us with outstanding tracks like “I Am One”, the meeting betwixt an 80´s guitar hero and a blast, “The Power of mankind” and the refrain of “Sky Shooting Stars”. A special mention goes to “Aimless”, a track that moves across borders of genres and paces during its 4.44 play time. Perhaps they should opt for lead heavy, or maybe Valdemar should go about it on his own? This album shows many ways forward. But if the next album provides more even songwriting the next step will be evident, such is the talent on offer here.

Track List
Another End of the Rainbow
I Am One
Chasing the Rainbow
Castaways in the N.W.O.
The Power of Mankind
Try Out
The Golden Horizon
Sky Shooting Stars
Stolen Sky
In Memoriam

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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