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Robin George: Dangerous Music | FESTIVALPHOTO

Robin George: Dangerous Music



Angel Air/Border

When Robin was eight he became very attached to a plastic BEATLES guitar, at 14 he joined a band and at 16 he turned professional. Soon he started his own band LIFE, and during his career he has played with the likes of ROBERT PLANT, PHIL LYNOTT, DAVID BYRON, GLENN HUGHES, JOHN WETTON and Mark Stanway of MAGNUM. Not bad for a lad from Wolverhampton! “Dangerous Music” was originally released on Bronze Records in 1985, and “Heartline” was chosen to be a single. But things went sour when the company folded, and a planned second album went missing in the aftermath. This was only one of many set-backs that have befallen on this
talented musician. How good is “Dangerous Music” 25 years after?

“Heartline” opens this remastered edition. There is something of hit pop about it, plucky keyboards and background vocals was a sure bet 25 years ago. There are plenty of interesting musicians contributing; Pino Palladino and PHLI LYNOTT share bass duties, Kex Gorham (ex. MAGNUM) and Dave Holland (ex. JUDAS PRIEST) share the drumming and Mark Stanway contributed keyboards. “Spy” is pop rock with a hit refrain that sticks like superglue. Robin´s guitar still rocks no matter the amount of pop refrains that has been applied. The thing I have problems with is when the vocals are too high-pitched, e.g. “Stolen From My Heart”. The best moments are Robin´s guitar in keyboard-laden songs like “Shout”. There was no shortage of winning refrains. Robin has always mixed his contemporaries with his personal older influences; “Hit List” does not sound like a track from the eighties. The compulsory ballad takes a while, but “Don´t Turn Away” encourages slow dancing with full body contact without being overly sentimental. It feels sincere all in all. The poppy “Space Kadett” closes the original album, a true excess in Brit 80´s. The bonus tracks are three songs live at The Tommy Vance Show; “Heartline”, “Spy” and “No News Is good News”, plus Robin´s own mixes of “Heartline” and “Don´t Turn Away”. Live they sound less 80´s neon-colored plastic and more rock, as is often the case of melodic hard rock from that era. Robin´s delightful mix provides new lease to the ballad, while “Heartline” moves up the rock ladder. This makes it altogether five extra reasons to purchase this excellent album. I wouldn´t want to be without this splendid piece of British rock history!

Track List
No News Is Good News
French Kisses
Stolen from My Heart
Hit List
Shoot on Sight
Don´t Turn Away
Space Kadett

Bonus Tracks
Heartline (Live at the Tommy Vance Show)
Spy (Live at the Tommy Vance Show)
No News Is Good News (Live at the Tommy Vance Show)
Heartline (Dangerous Mix)
Don´t Turn Away (Dangerous Mix)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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