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Empty Tremor: Iridium | FESTIVALPHOTO

Empty Tremor: Iridium




1993 is the first year of EMPTY TREMOR. The five youngsters from Mezzano; Davide de Paoli, vocals, Dennis Randi, bass, guitarists Marco Guerrini & Christian Tombetti and Dario Ciccioni and drummer Stefano Ruzzi are discovered /joined by Daniele Liverani on keys, who introduced the former cover band to progressive music and took care of their musical tuition. A couple of versions later the band releases their first opus, “Apokolokyntosis”, in 1997, now fronted by Giovanni “Gio” de Luigi. In 1999 “Eros & Thanatos” follows, but a year later Gio leaves. In 2004 they release “The Alien Inside” with OLIVER HARTMANN on vocals, but that collaboration is short lived. Daniele and Stefano leaves in 2006, and today the vocals are again handled by Gio, keyboard player is Marco Scott Gilardi and new drummer is Ciccioni.

EMPTY TREMOR opens their fourth effort with a complete and admirable opener; “Breaking the Mirror”. It´s well-paced, progressive, accessible and has noticeable killer refrain. The album is characterized by a positive note, variation, true joy of playing and a lot of ability on display. The downside is represented by tracks like “Warm Embrace” and “Autumn Leaves”. Those songs are sure pretty neat and have character but they are also over-progressive and drag on forever which leaves me confused and off-track. But that is forgivable among the many sensitive and emotional songs like “Everyday”, “The Last Day on Earth” and the title track. Few bands can make the listener feel as much as EMPTY TREMOR; and I really hope for a major breakthrough now. This one heads for the Top 10 2010.

Track List
Breaking the Mirror
Warm Embrace
Autumn Leaves
Friends in Progression
Unconditional Love
The Last Day on Earth

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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