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Bullet: The Entrance to Hell | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bullet: The Entrance to Hell



Angel Air/Border

BULLET has in this case nothing to do with the later day Swedish bunch. This super group was formed in 1970, and consisted of John DuCann, guitars/vocals, and Paul Hammond, drums, both of ATOMIC ROOSTER fame, plus John Gustafson (ex QUATERMASS, ex. ROXY MUSIC, later of IAN GILLAN BAND. A car crash in Germany ended the band, as both John DuCann and Paul was bedridden by the time of release of their second album “Bolex Dementia”, and the band had changed names to HARD STUFF for legal reasons. If this had not been the band would probably have changed Rock´n´Roll history, at least for the future of ATOMIC ROOSTER…

“Door Opens” is an intro of exactly that. “Millionaire” follows in typical fashion of the day, and John´s voice is immediately recognized. It´s all about groovy seventies rock, and not seldom with an odd occult connection to the album title. Then comes “Taken Alive”, with clear touches of STATUS QUO, and later on the funky blues of “The Soul That I Had” provides the same abrupt variation. John`s guitar work is a pleasure, now as well as it must have been back then. The title track is a heavy piece, the Johns (no pun intended) provide a lot of soloing and a lead heavy bass line. It must have been unusual with an instrumental title track of this kind. Another tambourine scented seventies gem is ”The Orchestrator”, with its frank psychedelia. The enchantment of jamming continues in “Hell, Demonic Possession”, which is strange and spaced out. The band was tight, and displayed a lot of variation. To fill out the picture there was hit ambitions in “Fortunes Told”, “Sinister Minister” was a rocking inferno, and Gustafson provided “Monster in Paradise”, co-written with IAN GILLAN and ROGER GLOVER of DEEP PURPLE. From the opening of the door to its closure BULLET made a competent, varied, psychedelic, vaguely doomy child in time of an album.

Track List
Door Opens
No Witch at all
Taken Alive
The Soul That I Had
Entrance to Hell
The Orchestrator
Hell, Demonic Possession
Fortunes Told
Sinister Minister
Jam (The Rock)
Time Gambler
Monster in Paradise
Jay Time
Mr Longevity
Door Slams
Jam (The Taker)

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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