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Facebreaker: Infected | FESTIVALPHOTO

Facebreaker: Infected



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Linköping´s FACEBREAKER have turned ten. Their first demo was released in 2000, their debut “Bloodred Hell” came in 2004, and now, 2010, it´s time for their second effort. Their second outing, “Dead Rotten and Hungry” was a nice album and they have since played the Party-San Open Air and been on tour with DEMONICAL and TORTURE KILLER.

It is a rough wall of sound from the first chord on of “Creeping Flesh” and forward. All the eighties video nasties are getting their own soundtracks, not least in the zombie-fied cover. There is a lot of heritage from bands like BOLT THROWER and MASSACRE here, bands that this lot must have heard over and over. The vocals are intense and “fat”, screamer Roberth Karlsson is involved in bands like SCAR SYMMETRY and TORMENTED, plus has been lead vocalist of a.o. EDGE OF SANITY. The groves of “Epidemic” is something I´d like to hear more of, otherwise the album is mostly fast and brutal without reflections. They fare ok in “Bloodshed” and Roberth´s vocals seem strong. Their finest moment on here is probably “Into the Pit”. There is a strong refrain, grooves and a lot of power. This is counter-effected by mangled songs, distorted vocals, which create the opposite effect. I miss the grooves of Old School death metal. If you want it to this is not the place to look, if you want bloodshed without atmosphere you´re in the right place.

Track List
Creeping Flesh
Torn to Shreds
Mankind Under Siege
Waiting for the Pain
Into the Pit
Reanimating the Dead

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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