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Jaldaboath: Rise of the Heraldic Beasts | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jaldaboath: Rise of the Heraldic Beasts



Napalm/Sound Pollution

British Heraldic crusader metal merchants JALDABOATH are said to mix metal, the mediaeval and Monty Python! Would I be able to resist that? The three guilty parties are; Grand Master Jaldaboath, guitars, keyboards, vocals plus the songwriting, The Mad Monk, drums and Sir Bodrick, bass. I wonder where Edmund Blackadder and Baldrick are?

Hear ye, hear ye! Wow, it´s like a mischievous market place where someone is telling the king´s wishes to the people. Sing-along metal of a lighter variety is disguised in various age typical sounds, great vocals and an oddball atmosphere. An audience pleaser perhaps, but it is still carefully conceived and carried out in a time of gloomy blood thirst. RITCHIE BLACKMORE is likely to shiver with anger at the sheer audacity but this is very hey ho. They must have a good sense of humor; “Axe Wielding Nuns” says it all. But the vocals turn rougher as the album continues; sometimes it is too poppy for my liking and the ending is far too traditional for these rogues. But the idea is cool, the performance often hilarious and somewhat fresh. Perhaps a tad too much to muster at times… But I quite like it, and still sometimes not. This is a bit schizophrenic; but I believe they have a future if they stick to their guns (swords).

Track List
Hark the Herald
Caling On All Heraldic Beasts
Bash the Bishop
Seek the Grail
Axe Wielding Nuns
Bring Me the Head of Metatron
Jacques DeMolay
March to Cavalry
DaVinci´s Code

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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