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Quintessence Mystica: The 5th Harmonic of Death | FESTIVALPHOTO

Quintessence Mystica: The 5th Harmonic of Death



Schwarzdorn Production/Sound Pollution

Ukraine band QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA has dedicated themselves to all things beyond religion and the old truths. They want to reach beyond from an occult point of view. The man behind this is Master Alafern, with a past in bands like THUNDERKRAFT and TRIGLAN. With him on this adventure is vocalist Dromos Aniliagos. Fact is that there is already an album number two ready for release, this better be good then…

Musicallt Master Alafern handles the most part. “Vector Space of Desires” is a mix of hammering black metal, pretty neat vocals (harder, but not growl), keyboards and hysteric drumming. But the mix actually works better than I thought. At the same time I believe that I need to check the lyrics before deciding if they are as different as they claim. The vocals are getting better all the time plus the keyboards, and the will to vary the pace a lot. The guitar work is well above par, not least in “Aspects of Contemplation Projected onto the Eternity” (the longest song title of 2011?). However the eternally smattering and monotonous drums destroys the effect of every atmospheric part etc. The first part of “Entropy of Sanity” is definitely the best dissonant and vocal effectuated interpretation of madness I have ever heard. The feeling of a well-played deranged scientist in a fifties move makes me smile. Another fine effect is created with the sledgehammer like drumming in “Metaphysics of War”, which also benefits from a highly melodic solo. Another track worth mentioning is the stunningly beautiful instrumental “Memorial”, a demonstration of abilities, as a lot of other stunts on this album. QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA feels very theatric and their arrangements are often works of art. This, and the orchestrated parts and very varied vocals gives me the impression of grandeur, like a post-modern THE DOORS.

Track List
Vector Space of Desires
Triumph of Cold Steel
Aspects of Contemplation Projected onto the Eternity
Entropy of Sanity
Crossroads of Time
Metaphysics of War
Unleashing the Dogs of War
When Sacred Flame Inspires the Souls of Heroes
The Symphony of Bare Feelings
Frankenwald Mystery

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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