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Tygers of Pan Tang: The Spellbound Sessions 30th Anniversary | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tygers of Pan Tang: The Spellbound Sessions 30th Anniversary



Hard Rock Records

1981 was the year of the TYGER! Messrs Jon Deveril, vocals, John Sykes & Rob Weir, guitars, Rocky, bass, and Brian Dick, drums, were on the same path as IRON MAIDEN. They were signed by MCA and were, to say the least, in the fast lane. But alas, their fame and fortune was not to be. In 2001 Rob reformed the band, as the only original member left. He hooked up with Dean Robertson, guitars, Brian West, bass, and Craig Ellis, drums. A couple of vocalists have come and gone, among others. Ritchie Wicks. In 2004 Italian unknown Jacopo Meille took over vocal duties and has remained faithful since. Not the original band says some, but it is after all the longest running line-up and they have quite a few successful gigs/festivals under their belts.

My old favorite “Gangland” opens the proceedings. It was actually the first track I ever heard from the TYGERS OF PAN TANG a long time ago. The name fixation of hard rock strikes at the very heart of the band. Because this line-up seems vibrant with energy, but many chose to overlook that stating that Rob is the only original left. Too bad. Jacopo might be Italian, but he doesn´t sound it that often. Over the years I´ve learnt to appreciate his vice next to Jon´s. “Take It” also has a lot of punch in this version. I also find it interesting that the rhythm section has improved over the years, and I believe that Brian West once was in a band that actually supported the TYGERS on a tour, TAURUS. Deano´s guitar work is well suited to the band, and Rob adds credibility to the name. “Hellbound” has always been an open goal penalty; now as well as when it was released as a single back then. The six tracks say a lot about the potential of the “Spellbound” album. My only question mark is that I remember “Tyger Bay” as a faster and raunchier rocker? Otherwise this disc contains six already sharp songs, slightly modernized in the right places, and with a modern production.

Track List
Take It
Tyger Bay
Don´t Stop By

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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