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Twinspirits: Legacy | FESTIVALPHOTO

Twinspirits: Legacy




TWINSPIRITS returns with album number three. The info says that this is a mix of the best of the previous albums but with more dynamics and a more cohesive sound. This is due to the stability oif the line-up. Vocalist Göran Nyström sounded good the last time around, and I have nothing to remark about Messrs Tommy Ermoli, guitars, Alberto Rigoni, bass, or Dario Ciccioni, drums. They are all skilled musicians who have proved themselves with various releases in the past. The album is divided into six more straightforward songs about everyday life, plus a suite comprising one intro and four songs, which are more theatrical and visionary. Is this a good concept?

The opening track is all but “Senseless”. The song is also quite heavy, and it provides space for Tommy to show his skills. A softer part by Daniele signals that Göran is about to start singing. The lion part of the track is mid paced, nice without being music for musicians only. I believe they make a statement in “Pay for Their Art”. It is a clever way of attacking all the illegal downloading. The video track “Slave to the World” is somewhat faster and the refrain is a little more in the sing-along tradition, a fine track to make a video of. They dare into FATES WARNING territory “Over and Over Again”. Progressive enough/sufficient for everybody without scaring anyone off, and a highlight for me. The worldly tracks are over, and the suite begins with the instrumental “The Endless Sleep”, surely aimed at Lion´s traditional customers? One thing is true, apart from the somewhat out-of-place intro; it is a well-concatenated unit, with more truly progressive parts. The paramount moment of the second half is the remarkably well-crafted “What Am I Supposed to Do”, but the suite is to be experienced as a whole. This Swedish-Italian co-operation is recommended, you´ll even get two records at the price of one.

Track List
Pay for Their Art
Blind Soul
Slave to This World
Don´t Kill Your Arts
Over and Over Again
The Endless Sleep/The Endless Sleep
The Endless Sleep/What Am I Supposed to Do
The Endless Sleep/Legacy
The Endless Sleep/I´m Leaving This World
The Endless Sleep/Tell Me the Truth

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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