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V/A: War Horses- Angel Air Rocks | FESTIVALPHOTO

V/A: War Horses- Angel Air Rocks



Angel Air/Border

Angel Air releases a collection of their best. Opening and closing are handled to BULLET (aka HARD STUFF). But there is no injustice in them having two tracks on the disc, since they are strictly short and no actual songs but sound effects. The company has a number of classic artists on their books; 60-ies and 70-ies giants like MAGGIE BELL and GERRY MCAVOY, 80-ies stalwarts like GILLAN, DAVID BYRON and MCCOY. Then there are of cause the eternal bands, such luminaries as KROKUS, OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON and STRAY.

Del Bromham´s guitar is a highlight of “Harry Farr”, off STRAY´S excellent “Valhalla”. Who needs to call it quits only because the band name hails from ´66? Robin George and Sean Harris get their revenge with “Radio Silence” off the original mix of the much discussed NOTORIOUS album. Angel Air has a habit of releasing original mixes and other rare breeds. We get a reminder of the premature passing of DAVID BYRON in “Rebecca”, and of how SAXON used to dominate the scene prior to the sacking of two of their absolute pillars. Besides the less-known career of DEEP PURPLE original Nick Simper is put in the spotlight with FANDANGO and there is also evidence of KROKUS´S less known late 90-ies with Carl Sentence at the mike. Angel Air is surely guarding the British rock inheritance from the sixties onwards to the latest of the old idols. If you´re not well-acquainted with English rock this is your chance.

Track List
Bullet - Door Opens
Gerry McAvoy - Misunderstood
Stray - Harry Farr
Nobody´s Business - Bleed Me Dry
Notorious - Radio Silence
David Byron Band - Rebecca
Nick Simper´s Fandango - Candace Larene
Freedom - Going Down
Oliver/Dawson Saxon - 747 (Strangers in the Night)
Heavy Metal Kids - Hit the Right Button (Make the Elevator Stop)
Damage Control - Savage Song
Quatermass II - Prayer for the Dying
Krokus - Blood Comes Easy
Robin George - Judy
Maggie Bell - Wishing Well
McCoy - Oh Well (Single Version)
Gillan - M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)
British Lions - My Life´s in Your Hands
Bullet - Door Slams

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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