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Maim: Decease to Exist | FESTIVALPHOTO

Maim: Decease to Exist



Soulseller/Sound Pollution

Åtvidaberg´s finest, MAIM , skips all varieties and go for old fashioned death, influenced by the likes of; AUTOPSY, NIHILIST and MOTÖRHEAD. They debuted on Soulseller in 2009 with From the Womb to the Tomb”. Here is number two, and their third outing is obviously finished already!?

Krille and Scott, guitars, Richard, bass and pukes, and Otto, drums, are the line-up all in all. “Gravedigger Sacrifice” opens sobbing but from then on it is old school death only. Vocals with some echo remind me of OCTURNUS. The vocals are also quite clean, not many effects here, odd paces or other tinsel. “Morbid Desecration” is close to doom, and the guitar solo has an enigmatic hypnotic effect. Richard keeps his voice in between early ENTOMBED/NIHILIST and their American contemporaries. “Evil Smell of Death” has a gentle echo on the vocals, when the grooves are at their most pungent. Surprisingly enough they perform a groovy and quite atmospheric instrumental in “Crematory”. The second surprise is that the title track is a strange and obnoxious sludge of vomit vocals and second rate doom/death. They get back on track in the five-finger punch “Purged Through Napalm”, and once more aim for early US death in the NOCTURNUS reminiscent “Nuclear Funeral”. MAIM are not (often) out of bounds. The feeling of heading 25 years back in time is mostly present, making me a happy bastard…

Track List
Gravedigger Sarifice
Morbid Desecration
Covet Death
Evil Smell of Death
Deceased to Exist
Purged Through Napalm
Nuclear Funeral
Resurrected from Hell
Screams of the Mutilated


Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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