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Visions of Atlantis: Delta | FESTIVALPHOTO

Visions of Atlantis: Delta



Napalm/Sound Pollution

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS has more than ten years/four albums under their belts. This quite international band has played with a.o. EPICA and NIGHTWISH, they have a lot of airtime with Viva and MTV, and they have also changed a number of vocalists. Now the band consists of Greek vocalist Maxi Nil and her male equivalent Mario Plank, Werner Fiedler handles guitars, Mario Lochert the bass, keys are done by Martin Harb and behind the drums we find Thomas Caser. . Mario Lochert and Jan Vacik have produced this album, which, according to the info sheet, is filled to the brim with orchestral arrangements, captivating vocals, and heavy guitars. Who can resist such an album?

Among the opening tracks of 2011 “Black River Delta” does not stand out. The melody is ok, there are ample power metal drumming, but it just doesn´t linger. The ensuing “Memento” is way better, the vocals are shared and the intro is very pleasant. They get ever so catchy in “New Dawn”, enough to echo of the ongoing Eurovision Song Contest, in a metal way. It turns into a really fine track that should have been the album opener. I don´t think that VISIONS OF ATLANTIS ought to delve in too heavy music, judging by the heavy “Conquest of Others”. No strong refrains like the above mentioned “New Dawn” and “Twist of Fate” may well be on the verge of joining the Eurovision Song Contest”, but they display a strong writing ability. The arrangements are often on the positive side, especially in the sedated “Reflection”. But, alas, there are far too many songs in here that I will not remember tomorrow.

Track List
Black River Delta
New Dawn
Where Daylight Falls
Conquest of Others
Twist of Fate
Elegy of Exixtence
Gravity Towards Fatality

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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