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Illdisposed: There Is Light (But It´s Not For Me) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Illdisposed: There Is Light (But It´s Not For Me)



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Danish band ILLDISPOSED might as well cal themselves indisposed soon. Since their formation in 1992 they have releases no less than eleven albums and they have scored a number of chart entries in Denmark and Germany. A good deal of touring has also been the outcome. This time around they celebrate 20 with producer and mixer Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL etc.) and aim for some serious marketing. Not since 2004 and “1-800 Vindication” have they been this prepared according to the info. Aw well, make me flabbergasted!

First up the vocals are there, like it or not. Vocalist Bo Summer takes his place with confidence, with his this growl. Guitarists Jacob Batten and Franz Hellboss deliver layer upon layer of thick distorted guitar patterns, accompanied by less bass drumming than I expected, and a bombastic bass by Jonas Kloge. Whatever we should call ILLDISPOSED`S music, it is carried by driving guitars, lively keyboards and strong refrains. The exception is the tedious “As the Day Rottens”, the rotten tomato of the album if you like. But mostly, we´re talking witty and speedy music, that churns its way into the listener´s ears. My absolute favorite is the hit friendly “Sunday Black”. But say what you want, this album will create a wave of sorts, wait and see.

Track List
Your Own Best Companion
Heaven Forbid
Our Words Betrayed
The Taste of You
As the Day Rottens
Reality to Fall
Step Into My Winter
Sunday Black

Bonus Track

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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