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Leaves´ Eyes: Meredead | FESTIVALPHOTO

Leaves´ Eyes: Meredead



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Norwegian-German band LEAVES´ EYES releases their long awaited fourth album. According to the info, everything falls in place; Alexander Krull´s production, the epic of “Njord”, the direct approach of “Vinland Saga” and the folk touches of “Lovelorn”. As always vocalist Liv Kristine is backed by ATROCITY (Sander van der Meer, guitars, Thorsten Bauer, bass, Roland Navratil, drums and Alexander Krull, vocals).

The operatic pompous “Spirits Masquerade” opens with grandeur. The vocals are impeccable, and Liv is a genre icon. But you have to be able to muster the operatic overblown too. “Etaín”is a lot of surface, while “Velvet Heart” offers force and variation. Things get very Norwegian in the likes of “Kråkevisa” and the catchy “Nystev”. They even have a go at MIKE OLDFIELDS “To France”. Everything is blessed with a nice production as well as a thorough symphonication. I guess there also a percentage of Gothic thrown in, but not to the extent that the vocals hint at. Surprisingly enough the title track feels lukewarm, and I can easily do without the growl of “Sigrlinn”. Luckily “Mine Tårer Er ei Grimme” and the well arranged “Empty Horizon” are two of the very best. Another one I instantly like is the BLACKMORE`S NIGHT inspired track “Tell-Tale Heart”. Folky, acoustic, with a flute, well-sung; in short a fine way to say goodbye for now. Sometimes this lot dabbles too much in pomp and opera, but as a whole and with the competition in mind this is really good.

Track List
Spirit´s Masquerade
Velvet Heart
To France
Mine Tåror Er Ei Grimme
Empty Horizon
Tell-Tale Heart

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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