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Private Angel: Nailed! | FESTIVALPHOTO

Private Angel: Nailed!



Point Music

Nuremberg Germany, the roaming grounds of bands like TALON, and FRONTLINE. But there was apparently also PRIVATE ANGEL. The info tells the story of a bunch of friends who have been acquainted for 25 years. Their previous band efforts seem to have amounted to nothing, but PRIVATE ANGEL has just unleashed their third
album, “Nailed!”. Powerful and well-produced, the info exclaims, what´s the story?

5-7 years between albums, and a will to make adult, heavy and straightforward music. That seems to be the aim of Peter, Dazz, Robbo and Jo, the long-serving members. There is loads of classic touches already in opener “Human Wreck”, while he title track is strikingly odd, pointless, and even gloomy. They get a tad above average in songs like the sitar driven “Kush”, or the 1980 WHITESNAKE-tinged “Private Shelter”, with its grooves. But they never really achieve the outstanding barnstormer, or even the typical single cut. PRIVATE ANGEL do what they like the most, but there are so many bands around with more stamina and refrains.

Track List
Human Wreck
Tomorrow Is Today´s Yesterday
Last Chance
Shine On
Tramp Stamp Boogie
My Haunt
Valiant Song
Private Shelter
Upside Right
With a Little Help from My Friends

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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