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Seven Witches: Call Upon the Wicked | FESTIVALPHOTO

Seven Witches: Call Upon the Wicked



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Messrs Jack Frost (ex-METALLIUM, SAVATAGE), James Riviera (HELSTAR, DISTANT THUNDER) and Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X) are enough to make certain metalheads drool. Apart from the guitarist, the singer and the bass man there is also drummer Taz Marazz. US metal veterans SEVEN WITCHES release their eight album, produced by Jack Frost, and mixed by Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT). Their most variable and mature album is promised, a real stunner says the info sheet, prove it!

First out is “Fields of Fire”, a mild top notch song. Not in a league of its own, but still a raunchy enough rocker with a cool bass line. When “Lilith” opens, I am struck by the references to Denmark´s KING DIAMOND. The melodic touch, the explosive solo, and the vocal variety, of cause, feels very much like KING in the early nineties. The title track is an opportunity for the musicians to prove themselves, with spots for everyone. The refrain is fine, and the chorus alternates with the lead. That is the point where the wonders start. The JUDAS PRIEST wannabe “Ragnarock”, and the anthemic nine minute pace changer “End of Days” are both the stunners that the info must have described. The same verdict goes for the “hey shouting” “Harlot of Troy”, a theme from HADES perhaps? The weaknesses show in two places; the vague “Eyes of Fame” and the oddly produced live version of “Metal Tyrant” (or they don´t sound better), an obvious tribute to the Birmingham Priests. I also enjoy the closing track “Jacob”. It´s a fine track on its own, but also a cover-up for the JUDAS PRIEST extravaganza of “Victim of Changes”. The three live digipack bonuses may not be the end of the world to miss, sound-wise, though. The band seems to enjoy themselves, and apart from the thin sound of a lonely guitar they do a great job. The same goes for the entire album. I didn´t know what to believe when I saw the so-so over, but the music speaks for itself!

Track List
Fields of Firre
Call Upon the Wicked
End of Days
Mind Games
Harlot of Troy
Eyes of Fame
White Room (CREEM Cover)

Digipack Live Bonus Tracks
Metal Tyrant
Metal Asylum

Skribent: Mikael Johansson
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